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Derived from the Buffalo Demeanor, the Party Founders imprinted the Buffalo Icon into the Tujibebe Wakenya Emblem. In the wild, Buffalos esteem living in herds, alluding to the much needed Unity Kenyans need to embrace. When faced by imminent peril, they charge head-on with sheer grit, will-power and speed, surmounting every obstacle. In the same mannerism and given the opportunity by Kenyans, we are more determined than ever to confront Graft, and unequitable distribution of Public Resources. Through Sustainable Tujibebe Wakenya Party is poised to Revolutionize the Way of Life for Millions of Kenyans.

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by @andyke_ @tujibebeparty Director of Digital Strategy and Head of Communications.

Why Kiambu County should elect Tujibebe Party Leader Hon. William Kabogo Gitau as the Governor in the August 2022 general elections:

Hon. William Kabogo led the County through tough times in his maiden term (2013-2017) The National wide doctors strike, Politics of Kiambu County Headquarters, his comments on DP. William Ruto’s, in regard to his 2022 Presidential ambitions. All this came to pass and as they say, ” what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” the man is a tough buffalo.

Hon Kabogo addressing a rally at Thika Stadium

The hurdles he has faced in his tenure as Governor and his long political career has raised Kabogo’s political profile; the name Kabogo is always mentioned anytime the question of the future of Mt. Kenya politics arises.

A prominent critic of Hon. Kabogo’s first term, had only praise for the governor’s first term — as did the people he’s polling.

“I think he’s just doing splendidly right now,” he said. “I’ve been asking about William Kabogo and he’s very popular among Mt. Kenyan voters & Supporters across all Political Parties.

Every election year Hon. Kabogo is bombarded with allegations and endless barrage of propaganda, all Politically Instigated. He’s well aware and ready that, propaganda materials are being prepared by his opponents.

Recent statistics released by the Kiambu County Public Service Board show that, in the 47 counties, Kiambu county has the highest number of youth working for the County Government, all hired under Kabogo’s reign. This demonstrates Hon. Kabogo’s believe in Young People. He has Continued to create jobs for our Young Men & Women gradually even after 2017 Elections and I believe he’ll continue empowering and inspiring the youth and as the Governor he will put in policies that will make sure our youth get a decent Income. On this note, Tujibebe Party is advocating for the increase of minimum wage.

Hon Kabogo Quoting his biggest achievement on JKL

The Biashara Fund, was Kabogo’s flagship social welfare programme whose goal was to improve the wellbeing of our youth and caution Young men and Women in entrepreneurship.

Hon Kabogo twitter post disbursing Biashara Fund

Kabogo’s administration heavily invested in health infrastructure and the subsequent human resource, for instance: The 350 bed Thika Level Five Reproductive Health Facility. Lari Wangige, Bibirioni level 4 hospitals. As well as various middle level health centers. The Tujibebe Party Leader has on more than one occasion said his biggest achievement was improving health services in Kiambu.

Construction Of Thika Level 5 Reproductive care Center
A change in Healthcare

Tujibebe Party Leader Hon. Kabogo still remains the most formidable opponent in the Kiambu Gubernatorial elections, the man is an excellent political strategist besides being a brilliant public speaker.

Aerial View Hon Kabogo addressing in a Githurai rally.

Kiambu County Residents have a slang #KabaKabogo (Kabogo is better) and are now prepared to let kabogo finish the Job he started, as he says “Rome was not built in a day” his second term will be awesome.

#KabaKabogo slang

Kiambu County electorates please Let’s take Our County Back, we need our county to continue growing.so that, It can be the place to live, work and invest in.

#Tujibebe #TujengeTaifa #TujengeKiambu #KabogoTena #KabaKabogo. – Andy @AndyKe_ Digital Strategist https://twitter.com/AndyKe_

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