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Derived from the Buffalo Demeanor, the Party Founders imprinted the Buffalo Icon into the Tujibebe Wakenya Emblem. In the wild, Buffalos esteem living in herds, alluding to the much needed Unity Kenyans need to embrace. When faced by imminent peril, they charge head-on with sheer grit, will-power and speed, surmounting every obstacle. In the same mannerism and given the opportunity by Kenyans, we are more determined than ever to confront Graft, and unequitable distribution of Public Resources. Through Sustainable Tujibebe Wakenya Party is poised to Revolutionize the Way of Life for Millions of Kenyans.

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 Party Leader at Mt Kenya Region

Party Leader Hon. William Kabogo Gitau has warned the Mt. Kenya Region on the need to be careful when rallying their support behind the two key Presidential Contenders.speaking in a Local Television Interview, the PL observed that, whilst it was now evident that the Region might not have a major Presidential contender to dislodge the two from the race, it was important for voters from the Region not to also yield easily to their Parties.

He advised the Region to take advantage of its numerical strength and support candidates from other Parties to not only have majority representation in both houses, but deliver on their Agenda.He continued to inform that, should the two contenders, have a majority representation in both houses, and shake hands Post August 2022, the Region would automatically be thrown into a Political oblivion.

The PL further called on other Mt. Kenya Leaders to invigorate themselves before the August Polls, to ensure the Region has sufficient representation in the next Government.

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