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Derived from the Buffalo Demeanor, the Party Founders imprinted the Buffalo Icon into the Tujibebe Wakenya Emblem. In the wild, Buffalos esteem living in herds, alluding to the much needed Unity Kenyans need to embrace. When faced by imminent peril, they charge head-on with sheer grit, will-power and speed, surmounting every obstacle. In the same mannerism and given the opportunity by Kenyans, we are more determined than ever to confront Graft, and unequitable distribution of Public Resources. Through Sustainable Tujibebe Wakenya Party is poised to Revolutionize the Way of Life for Millions of Kenyans.

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 Senatorial and National Assembly Parliamentary Aspirants

Karibu Tujibebe Wakenya Party! Today Interim Party Chairman Hon Enock Abeba has met and officially welcomed Senatorial and National Assembly Parliamentary Aspirants drawn from Nairobi, Laikipia,Nyeri,Kiambu and Kakamega counties. The Aspirants will now embark on popularizing the party at the grassroot level as they launch their bids.

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